3/11/2021 In Dialogue: RESEARCH SEMINAR
Bewerunge Room, MUAUGH, BANG, BOINGGGGG: Stripsody and the Language of Comics in Music and Paintings
Francesca Placanica/Eleonora Lima

Maynooth University/Trinity College Dublin

Bewerunge Room, MUFrom Monteverdi to Intolleranza by Luigi Nono: In Search of a New PerceptionZoom LinkMeeting ID: 979 3542 4205
Passcode: 643350
Emanuele Enria (Lavanderia a Vapore, International Centre for Dance Residencies, Turin)
25/11/2021 WORKSHOP
Aula Maxima, MU
Emanuele Enria
Renehan Hall, MU
Tanja Orning (University of Oslo)
24/03/2022 WORKSHOP
Riverstown Hall, MU
 Tanja Orning (University of Oslo)
14/04/2022 Installation and Talk

(micro)Requiem: a micro opera

Misha Penton (Bath Spa University/Houston TX)
Earth Day
Video Launch and Poem
A call to Action/Swarming
Daneil Peter Cunningham (Aotearoa – New Zealand)
3/05/2022 Installation: Launch and Talk
Voice: an imaginary irrational figure of any thing
Dr Elisabeth Belgrano (University of Stockholm)

Embodied Monologues 2021: Re-Connect.

The Embodied Monologues Research Series 2021 celebrates the return to practice and performance after the 2020 hiatus due to the Covid-19 global emergency. The 2021 research series explores in particular the way practitioners and artist-researchers re-connect with their embodied practices, in light of new awareness and reflections generated by months of forced distancing from practice spaces, acquaintances, collaborators, audiences. The Re-Connect research series also looks at burgeoning conceptions of monologue and solo performance, as matured and altered through isolation, whilst keeping a fresh dialogue among disciplines and practices.